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Case Study 6

Rear garden design Rusthall, Tunbridge Wells


The house is set in Rusthall Park and benefits from a beautiful garden setting among the large local rock formations.

However, the rear section of the garden (which for many houses might be considered a large garden) had become neglected and overgrown.

There were a number of attractive features of this area of the garden, including a run down but rather pleasant summerhouse, some nice specimen trees and overgrown pathways.

The client wanted to create a new secluded garden area that was tranquil and benefited from as low maintenance as possible.


Gardenproud created a plan for the area and recommended a programme of clearance and rationalisation of key plants and trees.

The diggers were brought in and a huge amount of soil was moved to make way for the revised scheme.

A centrepiece was created of an existing bed, which has become a focal point for those relaxing outside the summerhouse. This has incorporated a new rockery, and a feature water fountain (renovated and adapted to suit the purpose by the Gardenproud team from an old cast aluminium piece acquired by the client).

Elsewhere, to help with the low maintenance brief, new lawned areas and beds were created; distinct areas of the garden were delineated by new attractive stone edging, and pathways were renovated.

In the orchard a huge disused fruit frame was taken down and replaced by a new meadow area with feature curved bench.

At one end of the meadow a new composting area was created along with a new slope leading to the main garden, thus easing access for ride-ons etc. This area has been screened by fresh planting.

Trellis arches mark the entrance to the garden and lead to a pathway cutting through the meadow to the circular bench.

A trellis based storage area was also designed and implemented by Gardenproud.

Finally, a new planting plan was created and implemented.

A disused area

A renovated water feature, new pond and rockery

New garden entrance

Marking out the new rear terrace

Building the enlarged terrace

The completed terrace

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"Thank you very much - it really looks great! When can you do the trellis on the garage wall?"

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