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Case Study 5

Lakeside walkway Fordcombe, Tunbridge Wells


The client has a beautiful walled garden overlooking a large lake at the rear.

The lake had become overgrown with small trees and adjoining banks covered in brambles and weeds, affecting what would otherwise be a focal point and very attractive view from the rear terrace.

Consequently the lakeside area at the rear of the garden was being under-utilised and neglected.


Gardenproud recommended a programme of garden clearance and the creation of a lakeside walkway.

A garden design was created that incorporated a flight of steps that linked into a line of sight from the house (thus creating intrigue). These led down the steep bank to a lower walkway that stretched along one face of the lake. In the centre was a raised platform that provides a useful resting point to enjoy the view and entertain.

The design used a combination of wooden platform, steps and borders, and bark pathways to blend in with the woodland surrounds.

The banks were cleared and the land re-landscaped to create a raised walkway that was designed to remain above the waterline, irrespective of weather and seasonal factors.  The steps were built and platform created. Then the pathways were carved out of the new lakeside walkway.

Gardenproud also undertook careful clearing of foliage within the lake and some additional floral planting to create a more interesting and pleasant view from all aspects.

An overgrown jungle

A steep bank

Creating the raised walkway

Building the platform

Creating the staircase

Anyone for a G & T ?

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"Many thanks for designing and installing our new fountain. The finished result works beautifully and looks stunning."

Detached House,Tunbridge Wells