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Case Study 3

Driveway and garden paths Madeira Park, Tunbridge Wells


A client in Tunbridge Wells wanted to improve access to the house from the road.

Within the design the client wanted to increase the number of vehicles that could be parked off road and ease the manoeuvrability of vehicles.

The scheme also needed to enhance the front aspect of the house and take note of a shared driveway.

Associated with the scheme was the poor condition of grass borders and the need for more permanent access pathways to the front door and rear of the house.


Gardenproud designed a new driveway layout that was wider, incorporating turning circles and increased parking adjoining the garage block.

A shingle driveway was opted for as this blended well with the environs, was affordable and had additional security characteristics. New kerbing was incorporated and a hardcore and compacted base fitted.

Tree surgery was undertaken to remove dead and dying trees and open up the front aspect.

The old turf was removed and new turf laid.

New pathways were built linking rear and front gardens and the front entrance.

An attractive heavy trellis design was then created incorporating a secure side gateway and fence border.

Finally a new rockery and flowerbed in the front of the house helps soften the effect.

Gardenproud were also asked to extend the scheme to incorporate the neighbours garden and driveway.

Marked up and ready

Excavating the new driveway

Kerb 1

Taking shape

Laying the shingle surface

New gate, trellis and pathways

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"Thank you very much - it really looks great! When can you do the trellis on the garage wall?"

Cottage Garden, Tunbridge Wells