Kitchen Gardens

Kitchen Gardens

With the increasing interest in food programmes and cooking with fresher produce, people are turning to their garden for inspiration.

These days, not only does it taste better growing your own, but it also helps reduce your carbon footprint, so what better reason than to set aside an area for a kitchen garden?

Whether you want a vegetable or herb garden, Gardenproud can help you create it.

This could simply be an area of the garden or existing bed that you want to adapt to suit the purpose, or a raised vegetable bed or dedicated herb garden you want us to design and build.

We have created everything from a small simple frame in which to grow a range of herbs, to gated, enclosed terraced vegetable gardens to satisfy the appetites of a large family.

Our gardeners and planting team can help you select the best plants, soils and appropriate times to sow your seeds.

"Thank you very much - it really looks great! When can you do the trellis on the garage wall?"

Cottage Garden, Tunbridge Wells

Kitchen Garden